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American Asset Finance, LLC is a full service litigation finance and funding company. Owned and operated by attorneys, we provide litigation financing and funding to attorneys and clients. The principals have been providing litigation funding to lawyers, their clients and injured plaintiffs since 1997. Unlike most companies that solely provide either pre-settlement funding or attorney loans, American Asset Finance, LLC provides the wider spectrum of litigation funding, including pre-settlement funding, post-settlement funding, and inheritance funding to help provide cash advances and lawsuit funding and financing on which attorneys and clients can consistently rely.
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Pre-Settlement Funding
In most states, attorneys cannot advance funds, cash or make loans to a client because such lawsuit loans are unethical. American Asset Finance, LLC can provide non-recourse litigation funding and financing for attorneys and clients based on a pending case or lawsuit. Our lawsuit funding services can advance you money if you are involved in a personal injury lawsuit, auto accident case, or have sustained other accident or injury. For lawyers, obtaining settlement advances, litigation financing towards a lawsuit prior to settling the lawsuit allows for your client to make loan and mortgage payments, stave off foreclosure, eviction or bankruptcy and allows you to get greater value for the client's case. If your client does not recover, American Asset Finance, LLC does not recover. Unlike a loan, pre-settlement funding does not appear on a client's credit report nor is your client liable if there is no recovery.
Post-Settlement Funding
American Asset Finance, LLC provides non-recourse funding for attorneys and clients based on a settled case, inheritance or structured settlement payment. If you have settled a case but can't wait for the settlement check to come, American Asset Finance, LLC can provide litigation funding in the form of an advance on your settlement. Banks won't loan money to you or your client based on the settlement but American Asset Finance LLC can provide you funding for your settled case and will look to the settlement proceeds for repayment. Bank loans require some collateral. American Asset Finance LLC will also provide litigation financing in connection with class actions and mass tort cases once preliminary approval of a settlement is obtained. We also will provide funding for clients waiting for an inheritance or payments from a structured settlement.
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